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An Urgent Message From Archie Regarding Retreat

IF you already know that you want to come to the retreat for sure (and have taken the time off work or school in order to come) then you need to SIGN UP NOW and I really mean NOW.

We may not have any space left by the time the Early Bird Deadline of Sept. 11th comes around.

In my email yesterday to the campground I ask them about what additional space they have left and they replied they have a few cabins left but basically they are booked up. (in other words except for a few cabins, all the other rooms have been assigned to specific groups.  Now whether each group is going to fill all their rooms is a different issue.  they are obligated for those rooms but if they can’t fill them and we can we may be able to get other space BUT that is a big IF.)
For the space they have set aside for our retreat (that we’re obligated to pay for) here is the status of what is left:
a)  I have NO ‘Select’ rooms left.  All of them are taken.
b)  I only have 3 Deluxe rooms left.
c)  In our cabins I have like 5 bunks for guys and 8 bunks for ladies left.  There are a few cabins available so I can expand but I can’t ask for all the cabins they have left unless I know people are signed up and committed to coming.
SO HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE:  if you want to come you need to sign up now.    I can not go to the campground and ask for more space unless people commit to going for sure by a) signing up and b) turning in their check.
Here is the online registration form:
Click here to go to the online registration form:

OTHER IMPORTANT NOTES you need to read:
1) If you have signed up online and you have NOT yet turned in your check for the retreat fee, you need to do so by this SUNDAY… in order to retain your room, otherwise if someone else turns in their registration along with their check you could lose your space.

2)  If you haven’t asked for the time off work do so TODAY to confirm the time off and then sign up online.

3)  I will be checking with the campground regarding if any “cottages” are available.  The cottages not only have bedrooms but actually their own kitchen and living room.  So the cost of the cottages are even more expensive than the deluxe rooms.  I don’t know how many (if any are available) and what this year’s rate for the cottage per person is but I can tell you it is higher than a deluxe room (last year a cottage was $168 per adult so figure at least $176 per adult this year).  I should have an idea regarding the cottages by this weekend.  Likewise for a cottage children from 4 to 9 years old are half the adult price. children 10+ pay staying in the cottage would pay the full adult price.


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