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ETC Labor Day Sports Day and Hangout

Greetings and salutations to you all.

Labor Day is coming up on Monday the fifth, and that means it’s time to chill. Yeah, baby. It’s time to chill like DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince! (YouTube it.)

Like we did last year, we’re having an outdoor sports day at Lowell at 11AM. All skill levels welcome, for sure. We’ll  bring a little outdoor grill, some hot dogs, and some other snacks and drinks. You are invited to join us for some fun and good company. And definitely feel free to invite any of your other friends to this; the more the merrier, right? Maybe this could also be a decent chance for some of our nonbeliever friends to spend some time around church folk.

So what are we gonna play? Why, whatever your heart desires. Basketball, kickball, soccer, American football, ultimate football, ultimate frisbee, Australian Beach Bum Ball, tennis, volleyball (we have a net), freeze tag – anything goes. Bring whatever sports equipment you have! And definitely bring cleats if you got ’em! Bring your cleats… and your A-game. (But again, all skill levels welcome.)

Even if you think you ain’t really feel like playing, it’ll be a good time to just relax on a lawn chair. Be entertained and enthralled by our  very own resident superstar athlete Tayshaun Chris (Cheng) as he ruthlessly dominates the rest of us in basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, kickball, ultimate frisbee, gymnastics, lacrosse, and synchronized swimming… by HIMSELF.

Also making his return this year is Alex the One-man Sports Circus Sideshow. Laugh and point as he demonstrates how to properly spike a volleyball in my eye! Thrill at the massive, unbridled power of his rocket arm as he throws footballs 60 yards! Marvel at his perfect imitation of Shaq recklessly shooting free throws! Gaze in slack-jawed bewilderment as he vigorously grabs rebounds like Dennis Rodman! (Just don’t videotape his Dennis Rodman impression, please. For your own safety.)

Please register on the Facebook group we’ve created if you’re planning to come out. It’ll help us to get a better idea of how much food and drink to bring.

Please also hit us up if you’d like to assist in any way, because we could use a bit of help and coordination in terms of bringing supplies. (Sports equipment, coolers for the drinks and food, condiments, ball boys, lawn chairs, etc.)

Remember last year’s amazing day out when Roland (a.k.a. Yip Man) did his sensational “melting candle dance,” mesmerized us all, and instantly added another indelible piece of quality footage to the ETC Canon? (If that wasn’t part of the canon before, I’m calling it now.) Who knows what will happen this year? It could be YOUR turn to add to the ETC Canon, or at least have a good laugh while someone else gets inducted to the YouTube Hall of Fame.

And for dinner, maybe Yip Man can take us over to McDonald’s for some 99-cent Big Macs…

WHAT: Labor Day Sports and Chillin’
WHEN: 11AM Labor Day, September 5, 2011
WHERE: Lowell High School

Hope to see you there.

– Tayshaun Chris, Alex the Man, and Dru Tan

P.S. – This message is under the authoritative headship of… Do I even need to say it? YOU KNOW IT’S LEGIT, BABY!!



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