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Links for the Week

So if you are still waiting for the other messages they are currently being converted so hopefully we can get them out to you guys soon. Also pictures are in the same boat. Here are some links that you guys might find interesting, enjoy!

Prayer is Hard Work
In its nature it is a laborious undertaking, and in our endeavor to maintain the spirit of prayer we are called to wrestle against principalities and powers of darkness.

Fake Love, Fake War: Why So Many Men Are Addicted to Internet Porn and Video Games (for guys)
[The] concern isn’t about morality, but instead about the nature of these addictions in reshaping the patten of desires necessary for community.

Settle Down: Don’t lose your passion and energy; take charge of it
If we truly believe as we should, when the truth of God’s Word falls far enough out of fashion, we must be willing to die for our faith.

We Cannot Hold the Gospel Hostage to Our Shortcomings
In the end, my inability to answer objections, my lack of training or experience, even failures in my own faithfulness in living it out do not nullify the gospel’s power.

The Story of Ian & Larissa
For those who haven’t seen it yet, it is truly convicting to see in these two such strong relationships with God. A well put together 9 minute video summarizes their story. She also has a blog if you are interested (prayforian)



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